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 Great Lakes Calibration is pleased to offer the following calibration services:

-      Accredited calibration services listed below

-      New equipment sales – Great Lakes can provide your test lab with any test and measuring equipment you might need. We work with many of the world’s leaders in innovative and advanced testing equipment. Great Lakes is your one source for equipment purchases and advice.

-      Custom Testing Equipment - Great Lakes also manufactures axial alignment systems, stress rupture frames, and can provide custom testing solutions for your specific need. We have designed and built systems for drop weight towers and safety gear testing. Using customized electronics and software packages, we can design a testing solution for you.

-      Used Equipment sales – Great Lakes has a full inventory of used testing machines and hardness testers ready to be updated and refurbished to like new condition. With new software and electronics, used equipment becomes a much less expensive alternative to new.

-      Retrofits of older equipment – Using the latest in technology and software, Great Lakes can upgrade your older testing machines to provide a cost effective solution to modernize your lab and meet the demands of today’s testing requirements.

-      Machining services – Great Lakes can provide standard and custom fixtures, adapters, couplers, tension rods, and any other equipment you need for your lab. We utilize the best materials for room temperature and elevated temperature testing needs. We can provide tension rods and specimen couplers for stress and creep rupture testing up to 2,200-F.


  • Force to 1,000,000-lb in tension and 3,200,000-lb in compression - ASTM E-4 & ISO 7500 (tensile machines, force gages, stress rupture)
  • Dynamic Force Verification (ASTM E-467 and NASM 1312)
  • Axial Alignment of Load Frames (ASTM E-1012)
  • Extensometers (0.25” to 8” gage length)(ASTM E-83 and ISO 9513)
  • Angular Displacement
  • Displacement to 60-inches (ASTM E-2309)
  • Crosshead speed (ASTM E-2658)
  • Strain rate (Required by some NADCAP standards such as AC-7101)
  • Load rate
  • Torque and Torsion Systems (ASTM E-2624)
  • Charpy Impact Testers (ASTM E23 and ISO 148-2)
  • Digital and Dial indicators
  • Pressure gages from (-15 psi to 10,000 psi)
  • Scales and balances from 1-mg to 11-kg (class-1 weights)
  • Scales and balances from 0.001-lb to 500-lb (class-F weights)
  • Verification of Test Weights up to 40-lbs (such as the weights used for stress rupture testing)
  • Verification of Laboratory Weights from 100-mg to 20-kg (Class-F or Class-6)
  • Microscopes (eyepiece reticules, video systems, photomicrograph magnification)
  • Hardness – Direct and Indirect Verification (Rockwell, Micro, Macro, Brinell)
  • Furnaces (controllers, recorders, SAT and TUS in accordance with AMS 2750F)
  • Thermocouple thermometers and indicators
  • Thermocouple calibrations
  • Liquid-in-Glass Thermometers
  • Thermometer systems (meters with dedicated probes)
  • RTD probes and indicators
  • Humidity meters
  • Environmental Chambers
  • pH and Conductivity meters
  • Refractometers

Please contact us if you have any questions about your calibration needs or any capabilities you would like to see added to our scope of accreditation. We are always interested in hearing about how we can better serve our customers and quality professionals.

Accredited Calibration of your Dimensional Test and Measuring Equipment
Utilizing extremely accurate calibration standards, Great Lakes is now offering calibrations of the following items plus a whole lot more. Contact us to discuss the full menu of new calibration capabilities we will be able to provide your organization.

-       Gage Blocks

-       Gage Pins

-       Plug Gages

-       Go/No Go Gages

-       Length Standards

-       Feeler Gages

-       Calipers

-       Micrometers

-       Height Gages

-       Depth Gages

-       Digital/Dial Indicators

-       Displacement Transducers

-       Optical Comparators

-       Vision Systems


Great Lakes Calibration is ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited to Perform Dynamic Force Verification in Accordance with ASTM E-467 and NASM 1312

Utilizing custom designed and engineered data acquisition electronic and custom built strain gauged dynamometers, Great Lakes Calibration can perform a dynamic force verification of your fatigue testing machines. Our state of the art data acquisition system allows us to record the output of the strain gauges dynamometer at a rate of 30-kHz allowing us to perform dynamic verifications at cycle frequencies of up to 60-Hz. Having this capability makes Great Lakes Calibration one of very few calibration companies in the USA that can perform an accredited dynamic force verification.

 Retrofit and Electronic/Software Upgrades for Tensile Machines and other Force Testing Equipment

 Great Lakes Calibration can retrofit your tensile machine with new state of the art electronics and software packages from Admet. The retrofit packages are custom tailored to your specific needs. Retrofitting your tensile machines is a great way to extend the life of mechanical or hydraulic load frames. The load frame will last a very long time and will certainly outlast the electronics. With an Admet retrofit package, we can extend the life of your tensile frame by replacing the old and outdated electronics with a new display system and software programs. We can even convert a manually controlled machine to a fully servo controlled computerized system.


All calibration services offered by Great Lakes Calibration are performed in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005, ANSI/NCSL Z540, and ISO 9000 requirements. Calibration procedures are based on the requirements of international standards such as ASTM, ASME, AMS, ISO, NIST, ASHTO, and many others.