Advanced Air Flow Calibration Technology

At Great Lakes Calibration, we utilize the industry-leading BIOS Drycal ML-500 for our flow calibration services. This instrument offers an impressive range of 5 to 50,000 standard cubic centimeters per minute (sccm) with an accuracy of +/- 0.25% of reading. Additionally, we possess the capability to calibrate flow meters ranging from 30 to 300 standard liters per minute (slpm) with an accuracy of +/-0.4% of reading +0.2% of full scale.


Highly Trained Technicians

Our calibration technicians are extensively trained to handle the complexities of air flow calibration with precision.

Innovative Equipment

Innovative Equipment

We employ the BIOS Drycal ML-500, an industry-standard instrument, to ensure the utmost accuracy in our calibration services.

Range of Capabilities

Range of Capabilities

Our ability to calibrate flow meters across a broad range of flow rates and gases makes us a versatile and comprehensive solution provider.

Dedication to accuracy

Dedication to Accuracy

Our commitment to accuracy ensures that your flow meters deliver reliable results every time.

Gas & Air Flow Calibration Expertise

Our dedication to precision and excellence is exemplified in our highly trained calibration technicians who excel in gas flow calibration, repair, and services. With innovative technology and a commitment to accuracy, Great Lakes Calibration sets the gold standard for air flow calibration. For top-tier gas and air flow calibration services that meet the highest industry standards, Great Lakes Calibration is your trusted partner.