Servo Hydraulic Upgrades

Revitalizing Legacy Systems

Software-Based Systems

Custom Testing Equipment

Retrofitting with New Electronics and Software

Great Lakes Calibration offers retrofit and electronic/software upgrade services for tensile machines and other force testing equipment. Over time, the
electronics of your equipment may become outdated, but the load frame can still have a long service life. Our retrofit packages, customized to your
specific requirements, breathe new life into your equipment.


Extended Equipment Life

Retrofitting allows you to maximize the lifespan of your mechanical or hydraulic load frames.


Cutting-Edge Electronics

We replace outdated electronics with state-of-the-art display systems and software programs, ensuring your equipment stays up-to-date.


Enhanced Control

Converting manually controlled machines to fully servo-controlled computerized systems provides precise control and automation.



Retrofitting is a cost-effective alternative to investing in entirely new equipment.

Comprehensive Solutions

Using customized electronics and software packages, we can design a testing solution for you.

  • Retrofits of older equipment using the latest in technology and software. Upgrade your older testing machines to provide a cost-effective solution to modernize your lab and meet the demands of today’s testing requirements.
  • Servo-hydraulic upgrades replace manually operated hydraulic systems or older servo-hydraulic systems with state-of-the-art, servo-hydraulic, power units custom-designed for your testing machine
  • Expert manufacturing of axial alignment systems, stress rupture frames, and rigorous, custom testing solutions. Experienced in design and build for drop weight towers and safety gear and fall protection testing. Using customized electronics and software packages, we can design a testing solution for any need.
  • Replace old dial type or old digital display with software-based systems and advanced data analysis options
  • Upgrade manually controlled machine with servo motors and easy-to-use control systems