System Accuracy Test

Temperature Uniformity Survey

AMS 2750 & CQI-9

Thermocouple Calibrations

Heat Treat and Processing Equipment Capabilities


Thermocouples and Temperature Sensors

Certified thermocouple wire for load sensors and TUS sensors and thermocouple probes in any shape or size for SAT and controlling sensors. Either base metal or platinum thermocouples are available

Temperature Uniformity Surveys

Maintain TUS schedules to ensure compliance with the TUS frequencies of AMS 2750 with automatically scheduled service at the proper interval. Perform custom TUS with bespoke recording systems designed for AMS 2750 TUS reporting

Furnace Upgrades

Upgrade temperature controllers, carbon controllers, or recording systems easily. Upgrade solutions are ready for any temperature recording and monitoring needs

Comprehensive Solutions

Great Lakes Calibration can provide you with everything needed to maintain compliance with industry standards including temperature sensors, controllers, and process equipment upgrades.

  • Furnace calibrations for AMS 2750 and CQI-9 compliance (controllers, chart recorders, digital recording systems)
  • Belt furnaces, conveyor furnaces, batch furnaces, vacuum furnaces, retort furnaces, laboratory furnaces
  • SAT – System Accuracy Test
  • TUS – Temperature Uniformity Survey
  • Thermocouple thermometers and indicators (field test Instruments, SAT instruments, temperature recorders)
  • Thermocouple calibrations (control sensors, load sensors SAT sensors, TUS sensors)