Dynamic Force Verification


Static Force Verification

ASTM E4 / ISO 7500

Axial Alignment

ASTM E1012 / NAMS 1312

NADCAP Compliance

Force Calibration Capabilities


Dynamic Force Verification

Experts provide dynamic force calibration through utilizing dynamometers and high-speed data acquisition electronics for testing frequencies up to 100-hertz


Axial Alignment

Ensure precise axial alignment verification employing diverse strain-gauged alignment cells, custom electronics, and software to meet strict Aerospace industry standards.


ASTM and ISO Compliance

Specialized precision testing using state-of-the-art methods to guarantee compliance with the rigorous standards of the European industry.


Tensile Machine Calibrations

Accredited calibration of Displacement, Speed, Strain Rate, Load Rate, including all types of contact and non-contact extensometers

Comprehensive Capability

Great Lakes Calibration specializes in dynamic force verification, a critical service for fatigue testing machines. We employ custom-designed and engineered data acquisition electronics and strain gauged dynamometers to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your testing equipment. Our cutting-edge data acquisition system allows us to record strain gauge dynamometer output at a rapid rate of 30-kHz, enabling dynamic verifications at cycle frequencies of up to 100-Hz. This advanced capability places Great Lakes Calibration among the select few calibration companies in the USA accredited to perform dynamic force verifications.

  • Force up to 1,000,000-lbin tension and 3,200,000-lb in compression – ASTM E-4 & ISO 7500
  • Tensile machines, Fatigue Frames, Force Gages, Stress & Creep Rupture, Load Cells
  • Dynamic Force Verification (ASTM E-467 and NASM 1312)
  • Axial Alignment of Load Frames (ASTM E-1012 and NASM 1312)
  • Extensometers (ASTM E-83 and ISO 9513)
  • Displacement to 60-inches (ASTM E-2309)
  • Crosshead speed (ASTM E-2658)
  • Strain rate (Required by NADCAP standards such as AC-7101)
  • Load rate